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music for English Concertina


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20 hours ago, polavoy said:

Can anyone suggest any books or source for popular and classical music?


Go to Alistair Anderson's web site. There you will see a link to Concertina Workshop PDF

Click on that link to download a PDF of AA's English 'Tina Tutorial. Somewhere there are

MP3 files of the man his'self playing some of the tunes  on the CD associated with the

book, but I can't find the links at the moment ?.


Go to the Concertina Library web site. Search the index for concertina tutors. You will

(or should) find a link to the PDF of Frank Butler's English 'Tina Tutorial.


I guess the music in these tutorials could be regarded as popular/classical - chacun à

son goût...


If you are already an experienced player, these may not be what you are looking for, but

if you are a new player...



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Thanks for these suggestions. Will check them out. I was also realising that fiddle music with 2nd fiddle parts would useful giving some indication of harmonic possibilities. Tried a few from a basic traditional  fiddle tutor book but they needed to be adapted a bit  for concertina. But the principle seemed sound so will look for some more advanced music.

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Kerr's Merry Melodies are often overlooked nowadays. Each of the 4 volumes has more than 400 tunes.

The fourth collection has sections for "Operatic melodies" and "Waltzes, polkas etc.", which includes some classical pieces.

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Get hold of some easy/intermediate guitar music (e.g. some/one of the volumes from "The Classic Guitar Collection"). Over time you will figure out how to recognise which arrangements work well and which won't, how to adapt it at sight (especially handling the missing F and E notes on a standard treble), including reducing the tendency for the lower notes to drown out the top.


Quite a lot of the simpler renaissance (originally lute), baroque and classical (e.g. Sor). can be made to work.


There's some harmonic violin music that works too - e.g. the Bach sonatas/partitas, Telemann 12 fantasias, Campagnoli divertimenti etc


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