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Alan Lochhead - Summer Symphony book for Anglo


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Good news for all of you who have struggled with Alan Lochhead's book All-American Concertina Album - Rollston Press has been licensed by Mel Bay Publications to update and reissue all of Alan's arrangements in a new 76-page book titled Summer Symphony, available now on Amazon worldwide in paperback and "print-replica" Kindle.


Marches, rags, novelty tunes - just the sort of music you would hear in an old-timey bandstand in the park over the past 100 years.


All 12 of the original tunes, plus "Dill Pickles" arranged for 30-button Anglo, plus a 40-button accompaniment to "At a Georgia Camp Meeting". All notes shown in actual pitch with double treble clefs, and with button numbers and bellows direction tablature for Anglo like all the other Rollston Press books. And yes they are really difficult to play on the Anglo concertina - definitely not easy arrangements!


I had the good fortune to meet Alan at the West Coast concertina meeting last December organized by Daniel Hersh and David Brown, and this update is with his full blessing and encouragement.


Since there are no recordings online of Alan playing these arrangements, we've included QR code links for every tune to SoundCloud audio files exported directly from the notated music.


Attached is an excerpt for all you Monty Python fans out there (and yes, the tune is really a march by the American bandleader John Philip Sousa).





Liberty-Bell-excerpt.pdf LOCHHEAD-TOC.pdf


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Here are the tunes included in the book:


The Radetzky March

Lassus Trombone

The Entertainer

Maple Leaf Rag

The Washington Post

Under the Double Eagle

The Stars and Stripes Forever

The Liberty Bell

Funeral March of a Marionette

Tea for Two

I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

Dill Pickles

At  a Georgia Camp Meeting.

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I got my copy a few days ago and I started working on The Entertainer over the weekend. You surely weren't kidding about this book being much more challenging than the others. I do appreciate the challenge, though!

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