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This is my review of the concertina that I recently bought from David Robertson.  I hope you like it and find it interesting.  If, like I was a few weeks back, you are contemplating the change from decent hybrid to this kind of instrument, this might help you make up your mind!



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Well done on the review, I actually stumbled across your video on youtube a few days ago.  


David Robertson certainly does a wonderful job in his restoration process.  I purchased an old shakespeare from him a few years ago, very lovely concertina, and Dave's work was impeccable!



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I have a C Jeffries Bb/F 38, a dead ringer for yours, Les, though restored by a different fettler before I bought it. I do find the narrow buttons a little uncomfortable, but the sound and speed is worth a bit of pain  :-)

I've been tempted to sell it for a while as I'm not playing out much any more, but every time I pick it up for 10 minutes, a couple of hours fly by, probably causing the sore finger tips. I have played a few 46 key Jeffries over the years, and, from memory, the buttons are even narrower. Ouch! No thanks!

Great video and I'm sure it will be useful to prospective owners considering joining the "Jeffries club"....




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