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Looking to buy beginner anglo

Jeremy Sienkiewicz

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Hi Jeremy-  I have a Trinity College 30-button Anglo in C/G on the site for not a lot of money. Shipping shouldn't be too bad from MN to KS, either.  The posting is on this site, earlier in the thread. 

Best regards, Jim




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I have a very-lightly used Wren 2 that I bought in October from McNeela in Ireland. It was my rehab activity post surgery but I never really got around to playing it - bigger dreams than reality. I paid $450 and would take $100 off. She's very lovely.

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On 7/14/2020 at 3:17 AM, Jeremy Sienkiewicz said:

I think if I spend more money I want something Irish or UK made.

Not necessarily. It depends where you are.


There are excellent concertina makers/restorers in the US and in Canada. A nice thing (to me at least) is that if you ever need service/support, you don't have to ship across the pond.

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