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Looking for the Sailor Moon theme! ムーンライト伝説


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any cover videos or written scores of "Moonlight Densetsu"/"Moonlight Legend", the main theme from Sailor Moon, on any kind of concertina. In Japanese it's "ムーンライト伝説" (according to Wikipedia). It might also just be known as the Sailor Moon theme, or the Sailor Moon star locket song.


I've tried googling in both English and Japanese, but I can't find anything. I was wondering if maybe someone from a Japanese concertina community might know of any videos or sheet music. I've also found accordion covers of it on youtube, but I was hoping to find one on concertina just because I'm curious.


It's not very important, but I'd be grateful to anyone who can help. :) Thanks!

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Muse Score (free music composing software) is a place to try and find the music for popular tunes from video games, anime etc. Of course you have to be able to read music and maybe transpose. This link has several examples of music from Sailor Moon - there's a simple melody one that might work for you if transposed up an octave.  I don't know how accurate it is though to the melody. Other suggestions are search google images.


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What do you mean by "written score"?  Would a simple lead sheet be good enough?   Do you want to play just the melody line or do you want to play melody and harmony?  On Anglo or English?  Can you read music. or do you want it in tablature?  in what key, if you have a preference?



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@Breve  I can read music and have Muse Score application, but I didn't know much about the online site. I'll definitely keep it in mind next time I'm looking for sheet music. Thanks for messaging!


@arkwright I was mostly looking for videos of someone playing it on any concertina (just to hear how someone else might play it), but I thought I'd ask about sheet music too just in case. By that, I think I mean concertina tablature. I can read basic music, but for concertina I'm not yet able to play just from music without concertina notation on top of the staff. I can find plain sheet music for Moonlight Densetsu elsewhere, but I was hoping to specifically find concertina tablature for either the melody or the melody and harmony.


But you're not thinking of transposing it, are you?! If that's what you mean, I should admit that I might not actually even be able to play it: I have a 20 button Anglo C/G (diatonic), so I don't know if it would sound complete without many accidentals. I'm thinking of getting a 30 button Anglo C/G (diatonic) in the coming year though. Anyway, it's really nice of you to consider but if it's not something you would enjoy playing yourself, don't go out of your way since I know it can be tedious to write out tab. Thank you though!!


P.S. I regret that I couldn't be more specific, I'm new to the instrument as well as the terminology so sorry if I'm using any terms incorrectly or stating the obvious.

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