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Concertina Highlights from Willie Clancy Summerschool 1988-2017

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With the  Willie week cancelled for this year, the school's committee an the Irish Traditional Music Archive have created a virtual Willie .


All week highlights of past events have been running, fiddle, flute/whistle, harp,  pipes,  accordion, harmonica, singing and dancing recitals were al featured so far.


Today, Friday, is the concertina's turn. Premiering at eight local time and archived after that, concertina highlights from recitals past:



Gallowglass jig ; [The maid in the meadow], jig / Tommy McCarthy, concertina ; Jacqueline McCarthy, concertina Banish misfortune, jig ; [There's just one jig in this set] / Rhona Dinkin, concertina ; Aoife O'Connor, concertina [Scully Casey's, or, The banks of Lough Gowna], reel ; [Bobby Casey's], reel / Tony Crehan, concertina, speech in English ; Junior Crehan, concertina [Paddy Fahey's, jig] ; [The nervous man, reel] / Claire Keville, concertina [The sailor's jacket], reel ; [Knocknagow], reel ; Green groves of Erin, reel / Gerard Commane, concertina, speech in English The humours of Ballyconnell, reel ; [The Roscommon reel], reel ; Master Crowley's, reel ; [Paddy Kelly's], reel ; [Lady Gordon's, reel] / Aidan Rynne, concertina ; Michelle Mulcahy, concertina ; Edel Fox, concertina ; Liam O'Connor, concertina ; Sarah Butler, concertina The Scattery Island slide ; The leg of the duck, slide / Marty O'Keefe, concertina, speech in English [The pigeon on the gate], reel ; The bag of spuds, reel ; The bird in the bush, reel ; Come west along the road, reel / Kitty Hayes, concertina The Kerryman's daughter, reel ; Paddy Lynn's delight, reel ; Patsy Touhey's, reel / Lorraine O'Brien, concertina, speech in English ; Dympna O'Sullivan, concertina, speech in English Master Crowley's, reel ; The Roscommon reel / Cormac Begley, concertina The wind that shakes the Barley, reel ; Pigtown, reel / Noel Hill, concertina, speech in English



The coming week events from the 2019 Willie will be streamed, on the days and times they were originally held. Concertina recital again on Friday.


See the full programme for the 'virtual Willie' : https://bit.ly/2Arvyez


see also the page at ITMA https://www.itma.ie/latest/news/itma-and-scoil-samhraidh-willie-clancy-2020

Edited by Peter Laban
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Introduction / Noel Hill, speech in English [John Naughton's], jig ; [Ship in full sail], jig / Mary McNamara, concertina [The culfadda], reel / Hugh Healy, concertina Shores of Lough Gowna, jig ; Wheels of the world, jig / Aoife Kelly, concertina ; Caoilfhionn Ní Fhrighil, concertina Dan Breen's, reel ; [Fair wind], reel ; Sandmount, reel / Aoife Kelly, concertina ; Caoilfhionn Ní Fhrighil, concertina The lark in the morning, jig ; The wearied lad, jig / Edel Fox, concertina Morning dew, reel ; Bog braon don séanduine, air ; Untitled, polka ; [I have two yellow goats, polka] / Cormac Begley, concertina Long winters night [comp. Ritchie Dwyer], jig ; Long road home [comp. Ritchie Dwyer], jig / Jack Talty, concertina Scolding wife, reel ; [Paddy] Healy's reel, reel ; Old Dudeen, reel / Mairéad Hurley, concertina Scatter the mud, jig ; Bímis ag ól, jig / Jackie McCarthy, concertina Cook in the kitchen, jig ; Humours of Lisheen, jig / Sorcha Curtin, concertina ; Caroline Tubridy, concertina Dillon's, reel ; Swinging on the gate, reel ; Knotted chord, reel / Sorcha Curtin, concertina ; Caroline Tubridy, concertina Untitled, air / Claire Keville, concertina The lark in the morning, jig ; [The old lark in the morning, jig] / Michelle Mulcahy, concertina The Aran cruiser, jig ; Trip to the village, jig ; The drinker and the whiskey, jig / Francis Cunningham, concertina Willie Clancy, reel ; Jenny picking cockles, reel ; Paddy Fahy's, reel / Lorraine O'Brien, concertina Primrose lass, reel ; Come west along the road, reel / Caitlín Nic Gabhann, concertina Planxty Davis, set dance / Liam O'Brien, concertina [The bold trainer o], air / Noel Hill, concertina Lucy Campbell's, reel ; [The Edenderry], reel / Noel Hill, concertina Part of the ITMA/Willie Clancy Summer School 2020 Online Events Collaboration. For more information on all the other wonderful online #sswc2020 events visit https://www.itma.ie/





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