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Looking for Basic Beginner Tutoring


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Hi all, I'm brand-new and looking to learn the concertina (goal is to be competent with Irish music, shanties, and some American folk). I've purchased a "Wren 2" Anglo C/G 30-key concertina from McNeera, and am slowly going through the accompanying videos - but it's been a long time since I've learned an instrument, and to be honest it's been very slow going just getting a handle on scales, let alone anything further. I'm just too rusty with teach yourself strategies, and would like a little push to get me going. 


To that end, I was wondering if anyone knew a concertinist in the Washington, DC area that might be able to take on a very beginner for some start up lessons? Keeping in mind appropriate coronavirus-mitigation, of course. Thanks so much! 

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we are in the same boat! 

I just purchased the same instrument and have been doing the very same. 

I found an instructor through lots of email jumps, happy to share her info with you if you email me. 

I am also going to be joining this virtual MAD Week :https://www.ccemadweek.com/class-list

You should do the same! 


Shoot me an email and I will show you what I have figured out so far!! 

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