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Prehistoric Concertina Remains Discovered...

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Steve is getting us much nearer the truth


Stone circle expert also advises players should look at this on google earth(u will need to slowly zoom out once the location is found:



insert : 31°42'46.32"N 24° 4'52.78"W


He reports:

And if you want to see the remains of the antediluvian factory farm where they

annually harvested 'Cephalopodi concertinaridae' in their millions, just put Canary

Basin [or better: 31°42'46.32"N 24° 4'52.78"W ] into Google Earth search; and take your water,wings -- It's pretty big so after

Google does the deep dive bit you might have to swim up a fathom or two and a couple

of clicks to the north.


Original 'Atlantis' brand tinas, made from the air-dried

husks of little critters, succumbed to climate change. The breather valve was

later successfully re-engineered and AngloGerman schnorkel ensembles enjoyed a brief fad...."

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Steve is getting us much nearer the truth - a concertfeitina racket operating out of deepest witch country through International Concertfeitina Associations. The metronomic drip dripo drip of Speleological evidence also implicates lime from Malham Caves and similar in this racket.


This historial evidence is reinforced after consultation with a distinguished sounding off expert (Rufus Ethelbert Reed)who has studied the international movements of concertfitinas from his academic chair. It is clear that patent claims by Lachenal, Wheatstone et al. fly completeley out of the window in the face of documented visual evidence and close enconcertiners of the third kind.


RER tells me:


"Yes, I think they've also detected one on the surface of Mars. I like

finding concertinas...in films - pirates of the Spanish Main

circa 1650 jigging to a Lachenal etc." (by email)


This clearly means that the fossilised concertfeitinas were copied and refashioned into working instruments out of ship's plank by pirate networks and no doubt dastardly French Banditoneonistes and English privateers (film references also available from our Paris Cor-respondent Lady de Temps); and rebranded by Victorian and later makers.... cool.gif


Hogwash!... except for maybe the pirate part.

Isn't it obvious?

H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" was published in 1895 after Wheatstone and Lachenal patents. The Time Traveler simply took one with him on his last trip when his foot accidently slipped off the clutch when the thing was in reverse and ended up at the dawn of time. He left it on the edge of the newly forming universe and Mother Nature, being young and inexperienced at the time, wasn't sure what to do with it and, as nature does, began duplicating it in various forms. The rejects were left in a sort of rubbish heap of failed designs. Why she picked Ireland, we may never know.

Why, I've even heard tell of a long lost, never published, undocumentable page from one of Charles Darwin's earlier journals, 1844, where he describes the now extinct, hexagonal shaped Galapagos Bellowing Tortoise which the early sailors quickly adapted into a playable instrument. Of course, sailors knew nothing of patents at the time so when Charles Wheatstone saw one he Pirated the idea under his own patent.

Do you really think it's a coincidence that Darwin and Wheatstone bear the same first name?

Encounters of the third kind? Preposterous.

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quote: long lost, never published, undocumentable page....


One should point out that this is a forum of scientific excellence...(Hem, hem!)


So show us the docs! Or as they say in lego-musico circles :"push up or shqueeze up".


And if they show a tortoise shell model then we will report you to ConSCHMERSHina for handling dodgey goods and your fate will be to be sealed up in your soundchamber.


It is clear you are simply trying to engineer a phoney price increase in the market for tina memorabilia. :lol:


[u will need a standard issue SHMERSH UV reader to see this next para]:

PS - PM me! I have found some DryBones in the shape of a tina in the shed and they could be a good seller.... 20 per cent cut for you! I have already composed a tune for the advertising campaign. It can only be played on this instrument as it is in the key of Z#



and PLEASE, wear some clothes when u are next bellowsing around pretending to play an "Air Concertina" at a session:

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