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Lachenal Anglo Semi-Miniature - Discount Price


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Lachenal No. 7103 (circa 1867)

20-key in C/G

4 7/8 inches across flat hexagonal rosewood ends

Bone buttons

Steel reeds

6-fold green leather bellows with decorative papers

"M & Co" in fretwork (Metzler & Co. of 37 Great Marlborough Street, London--a major retailer of Lachenal concertinas from the earliest days onward.)

There are some hairline cracks in the fretwork, but of no consequence. The fretwork is absolutely stable, because the fretwork on each side is backed by an adhering baffle. If anything, the minor cracks add charm.

In a soft gig bag (see photo) and comes with a very unusual item--its original hexagonal cardboard box.

Appraised for US $2500 in 2018.

For sale for US $1500 plus $100 shipping/insurance.

Payment by bank draft or personal check in the US; bank draft only from outside the US. I do not use PayPal.

If interested, please send a personal message and also indicate your interest in a "Reply" to this posting.


No 7103 Right Side.jpg

No 7103   Left Side.jpg

M & Co in fretwork.jpg

Side view 2.JPG



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