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What tune is this?

Sean M

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I found this recording that I made maybe 10 years ago. The tune is still in my head but I cannot remember the name of the tune. Does anyone recognize it? I think the title might have been Dutch?



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5 hours ago, Sean M said:

I think the title might have been Dutch?


2 hours ago, jwinship said:

Soooorta sounds like "Parson's Farewell", a Playford tune.


You could both be right.  During Playford's time, the tunes and dances travelled widely all around the North Sea (also to Ireland and the American colonies), sometimes keeping the same name for the tune and dance but claiming different  composers/authors.  8^o


I know from my own experience that at least a couple of tunes that I learned as "Playford" playing for dances in NYC are still in use -- though for a very different dance -- on the island of Fanø on the west coast of Denmark.

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As played in 2008 on youtube by Marien Lina, member on C.net. 

His comment on this tune:

Blaeu gaeren en koper draet" a Dutch tune known from `Hollantsche Boerenlieties en Contredansen` part 1 (1700), also known as "la boree" or ´Bourree de la France`, It has parts in common with the english ´parsons farwell` from the Playford Dancing Master of 1653. it also has a lot in common with a melody in "Valerius´ gedenck clanck", 1625 ("hij die tot een opperheld"). It is a long time ago that melodies of existing popular street songs were used for promoting christian texts. This suggests that the song was a well known Dutch street song before 1625.

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