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ISO Hayden tutors/primers

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1 hour ago, bogheathen said:

Did a forum search and didn't find much, presumably because their isn't much, but...is there a modern Hayden duet method book, tutor, or primer?


Others will have to answer your question.  I'll only quip in passing about the danger of acronyms.


I finally decided that your "ISO" means "In Search Of".  For me, since before the first personal computer, it has always meant "International Organization for Standardization".  8^)

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The good news is Rollston Press is currently working with Judy Hawkins on a Hayden Tutor, which will be a continuation and extension of the "Harum Scarum" tutorials she has posted here on cnet. Not sure yet when it will be out, maybe by the end of the year?



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On 6/17/2020 at 9:02 AM, bogheathen said:

Gary, thanks for the lead to Judy Hawkins, found her Hayden tutorial thread, much appreciated.


Also mentioned in that thread (4 posts up from yours) is Brian’s:



1) The "Elise" comes with a very usefull 50 page Tutor, with lots of diagrams, and a little bit on reading music. 

It takes you through the early stages of with lots of usefull diagrams of the keyboard. Perhaps Wim Wakker might make this book available as a stand alone item ?


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