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Which Concertina to begin with??


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Hello, I'm new to this and wonder if anyone can offer any advice.

I woke up one morning last week and decided I'd learn to play an instrument. I've always liked the look of the Accordion ever since I was little, although not playing the piano it looked difficult so I opted for the Concertina.

After doing a little research I see that the main difference is the English or Anglo systems, all with different amounts of buttons.

Can anyone advise me as to which I would be better off learning as a complete novice, so I can purchase one and begin my tuition.

Thank you very much.

Lee T?

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You'll get plenty of advice here, but If you go to the Reddit concertina forum, you will see a post at

the top of the list entitled 'FAQ and buying your first concertina'. You'll get quite a bit of information

there in one 'hit', which might help you...

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Have a read of this earlier thread: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/22399-tip-for-newbie/

My own advice is to try to get somewhere (I know, challenging when travel is restricted) where you can get your hands on the different kinds of concertina and try each one for at least a few minutes, preferably an hour or two. You may find that one or other system fits in with how your brain works and lets you pick out a simple tune while the other systems don't; in which case your choice of system is made. You then also need to decide how much money to spend. It's not silly to start with a cheap intrument, provided you're prepared to move upmarket as soon as you begin to feel its limitations. I started on a 20 button concertina made in what was then East Germany, which cost me £2 (admittedly equivalent to perhaps £20 nowadays). More recently I have spent thousands.

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I started on a cheap (~$100) 20-button Anglo, and had a glorious time honking away at it for a year or so before I shelled out for a fancier instrument. It was a great way to figure out if I thought it was fun to play without a serious investment up front.

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