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I have been playing McNeela Wren for a couple of years and it is no longer working for me. Slow action, sticking valves and leaking. I am ready to upgrade and trying to decide between three concertinas.  I lean toward purchase from Concertina Connection since I am located in the Northwest, as they are. I am too far away to travel and try different concertina. I want an Anglo C/G. Does anyone have experience with the Minstrel, the Minstrel with Wakker bellows, and the Clover?  

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I have a Clover from the brief time a decade ago when Wim Wakker offered it as a kit. After a whole summer putting it together, the design is clearly the equal of the other hybrid instruments and plays very well. I have no experience yet with the Minstrel, which is a more recent model.



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I have a Minstrel with Wakker Bellows and it is a lovely instrument, but I don’t have much to compare it to except the Rochelle I upgraded from. I’ll likely be going all the way up the upgrade path in my life, just have to put enough hours into the Minstrel to feel like I’ve earned it.

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Hi, CooperSue, 


I have a Minstrel (1st generation) with Wakker bellows since April 2018. 
It was my first instrument and I do not have many complaints. 

I believe Concertina Connection now sells Minstrel 2.0 with better balance on higher notes and lower notes. 

Wakker bellows! I highly recommend it if you are going for the Ministrel. 


I recently purchased a McNeela Swan but I find it far easier to play on my Minstrel.


Whichever model you choose, you will feel big difference for sure. 


Good luck!




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One thing I just learned today (unhappily) is that the Concertina Connection upgrade program doesn't let you go from a Minstrel to a Clover, just from Minstrel to one of the high-end ones. They have 3 "classes" of instrument (Rochelle - > Minstrel/Clover -> Wakker being the upgrade path for an Anglo). Mine has the Wakker Bellows and such and is still a very nice instrument, but now I'm wondering what I'd be missing from the Clover!

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I heard the Minstrel and the Clover have the same reeds, is that right !?

Pretty strange because I don’t really like how sound the Minstrel (personal opinion of course) but I do like the sound of the Clover…strange !! Is that due to the inside built ?


And so CooperSue, how do you like the Clover ?


Thank you for any help ! 😊

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