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Pirate Concertina while Sailing

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Somehow never thought to post these here. I love sailing and I love the Concertina and managed to combine the two last year. Haven't had a chance for a repeat this year, and I honestly haven't gotten much better.


All the same, here's Grogg Mayles from Gary's arrangement whilst underway on a smallish sloop.



And then here's me and my buddy Will playing an amateur rendition of Herrington Hall at anchor.



Thanks for watching, though my playing has a ways to go, perhaps this is novel enough to be interesting :)




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8 minutes ago, gcoover said:

Now if you could just turn that sailboat into a proper pirate ship...


"Proper"...i.e., real pirates back in sailing ship days were plunderers and murderers.  They were no more "romantic" than modern street gangs or drug cartels.


Some contemporary pirates, though not all, prefer kidnapping and ransom to outright murder, but they are still far from admirable members of our society.


I've never been a professional sailor, but I love sailing ships and the sea, and I have many friends who have been professional.  A few have actually had to fight off real, modern-day pirates.


So I pass on this message from them (which I tend to agree with)... Please don't romanticize pirates.  Sailing ships are cool, but real pirates are not.


I'm not going to go around staging protests, not even when folks imitate romanticized "priates" at maritime festivals or celebrate "Talk LIke a Pirate Day".  And I won't make a habit of bringing this up here on concertina.net.  But the entirety of the above quote, if taken literally, was just too much, and I felt it needed to be "clarified"..

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