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Let me guess. Your friends recorded in front of a blank picture frame, you recorded your part listening to their recording (a wire is visible, perhaps leading to an earpiece in your unseen left ear), and the image of you playing was added to the picture frame in the final production process.

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1 hour ago, Richard Mellish said:

And a Franglo!


Looks similar, but I think the right hand is like a chromatic button accordion (CBA) whilst the left hand is something of Tona's own devising. Somewhere on this forum there is a note chart for the instrument. Here's Tona's description:


"I play a custom duet made by family Dipper on which the layout is inspired from the layout of the chromatic button accordion... chromatic scale on three rows and 31 buttons for the right hand. Left hand is a bit more complicated, it is not the "mirror" of the right hand. Three rows and 24 buttons."

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Added a quote from Tona.
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