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My Lachenal Arrived!

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I'm in shock. In a good way.


48 key nr: 58494 though in a couple of places the 8 looks like a 2...


Needs new valves, new thumb straps and the action needs cleaning. The reeds are slotted into the reed pan and look for the most part clean. One reed on the right hand side looks like a steel replacement - the others being brass.


It's missing a couple of end screws and one of them has sheared off so the tip remains inside.


My one concern is that the end plates seem slightly smaller than the piece of wood between them and the bellows and they don't sit tight to the bellows frame. I'm wondering if the ends have been reversed.


The bellows seems to be airtight, though difficult to tell with the missing valves allowing a constant airflow.


Beautiful mellow tone.


Me thinks I got bargain for the $242 I paid incl. shipping.



Now to order the parts I need :)



Ps. Haven't checked the pitch yet.

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