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English concertina 48keys gift swarm intelligence <3


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Hello dear concertina.net - Community,


Two years ago, I got a very cool old "english concertina" as a gift from a friend. I was really eager to learn, especially because I already play the saxophone and always wanted to sing whilst playing on my new instrument. Long story short, I have already learned a complex instrument and hoped for an easy accsess. Now I want to sell this beatiful Concertina, but to be honest with all of you here, I don't even now what its worth. Maybe you can give me you swarm intelligence and help me out or maybe someone in this forum is interessted on my instrument. 




Links to my imgur profil with fotos of the concertina:

In the box: https://imgur.com/QhV6C41

box front: https://imgur.com/ngbXXcu

the playbook: https://imgur.com/zMYCDh8

all together: https://imgur.com/FnSlebm

right hand: https://imgur.com/WeCvfYt (left hand looks the same but without a number)

opend up: https://imgur.com/9GlZald



If you need more pictures or from a different angle or so just let me know.

Greetings from Hamburg,



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Your instrument is a Lachenal "Excelsior", which has been a top-of-the-line model at some point. I have one myself, which is sufferning from some lack of air supply but is otherwise a lovely and particularly sweet-sounding instrument. Yours seems to have its original bellows, which is looking very sound! If there are no issues with reeds or action I would exepct you to get something between 1.000 and 2.000 Euros for it (I payed 1.650 for mine back then in 2011, and yours is definitely looking better.... (however, the market may have changed a bit, I don't really know...).


Good luck with the sale and best wishes - ?



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