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FS: Riccordi/Stagi W-15 metal-ended 30-button Anglo C/G concertina -- SOLD$99SOLD super-bargain


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I bought this Riccordi (re-brand of Stagi) as-is, and gave it a thorough cleaning, but rather than re-sleeve the buttons myself, I'm offering it for sale uber-cheap to anyone needing an affordable starter. The case and part of the bellows had some mildew when I bought it, but I've carefully cleaned it with alcohol and vinegar and it's pretty clean now. The case is kinda beater and I removed the paper inside to clean it, but that's easily replaced with generic shelf-paper.


It's overall well in tune, bellows have great compression and are the older-style Stagi bellows that are surprisingly good quality. The leather straps are in decent shape and adjustable. Despite the humidity damage to the case, I can find no trace of humidity harm on the reeds or any metal or leather parts, all good. This box does need a little low-skill work though, since this is of the common Italian design where the keys are held in place with rubber grommets, and they've dried out and cracked. The buyer will need to put in some low-skill time (a couple hours) to slice silicone tubing to make new grommets, and I have replacement silicone of the right diameter coming in the mail and will include it for free. I could do it myself, but I'm nomadic right now and all my useful gear for this (Xacto knives, cuticle scissors) are in storage. I emphasize this doesn't require concertina-specific skills, just really basic handyman stuff and a few hours of time. If I did it I'd have to increase the cost of the box, but I'd rather just give someone a good deal. Here's a thread with detailed internal photos and discussion of the model:


I'm asking $99 plus actual shipping cost from Philadelphia to you, so here's a chance to get a starter box for Irish or folksinging at a quarter of what a new Concertina Connection box would run you

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