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John Williams giving lessons online

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As the whole earth has made a siesmic shift,  many great players and teachers are now reaching out online. 


John Williams of  concertina fame is making himself available online.    He's become quite a multi instrumentalist, performing with concertina, accordion,  whistle, flute, guitar, piano and bohran to name a few. And he has experience helping aspiring violinists make the transition into excellent fiddle players.


Over the years I have seen him guide students of varying ages and levels of talent into happy musicians.   He is a teacher steeped  in the tradition with an encouraging spirit.


Years ago I took flute lessons with him, then decided  late in life it was time to pursue the concertina so I know of which I speak.

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He is also supportive in other ways. Once I was visiting a fellow concertinist in Chicago. Tom took me to an Irish session and lent me one of his instruments. He had also taken lessons from John Williams and told me Williams would likely be there. He did appear, and seeing two of us already playing concertina, tactfully played button accordion. I suspect he was trying not to show us up. When work schedules required us both to pack and leave we saw he was getting out his concertina so we waited near the doorway of the venue for a tune or two before departing so we could hear some playing much better than ours!


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I’ve always been amused by the fact that there are three musicians with world class reputations named John Williams. The others are the film composer (Jaws, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.) who was also music director of the Boston Pops Orchestra in the 1980s and 90s, and the classical guitarist. Add to that a childhood friend of mine who married a man named John Williams (not a musician).

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