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Gently clean mildew from Italian hybrid concertina bellows?

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I recently picked up a cool little 30b Anglo (badged as "Riccordi, Made in Italy") and the second I picked it up I knew it was indeed in need of replacing the rubber gaskets with silicone tubing, since I could hear the gritty little bits of dried-out rubber rattling around inside. It's an interesting construction, so I'll post some disassembly photos later. Going to put it up on the Sales forum to give a gonnabe Irish player an affordable starter.


Had a question thought: the semi-hard vinyl case stank of mildew and had some visible. I tore out the "shelf paper" lining it, wiped it all down with bathroom cleaner, and am leaving it (the case, not concertina out in the hot sun to air out. The wood and metal bits of the concertina seem fine, no sign of mildew or rust on the reeds, thankfully. I have the bellows fully detached at the moment, and I'm not detecting mildew between the pleats, but am on the externally visible lip that intersects with the end. Anyone have any advice on wiping down the outsides with something not too harsh (and avoiding getting any on the paper) and then maybe stretching it out to air out? I assume detached bellows can't be safely put out in the sun like the case can because it might weaken the glue? Thanks for any info!


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