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Charming Concertina Sighting

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I found a very cool, charming and delightful 19th cen. British Silhouette work.

I suppose the player is using an Edeophone? Is it saying something of the class system as well?









concertina silouettte.jpg

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14 minutes ago, David Barnert said:


I think I see a hand strap there. There weren’t many edeophones with hand straps (I only know of one).


Well, I used to own an Edeophone Maccann duet.  And years ago I had a go at an Edeophone anglo, one of a group of 3 made by Wheatstone.


Here's an old Topic that includes some interesting information.  (Sorry, I don't know how to link to individual posts, like I used to be able to do.  Maybe no longer possible?)  Also an interesting article on concertina.com.

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I've enhanced the image of the concertina player, and the detail revealed by that seems to confirm my first impression - which was that he's a street musician playing a very inexpensive, 6-sided, 20-key German concertina of the type with "wavy" sides to it, not a highly expensive, professional-quality, 12-sided Edeophone.


He clearly has a bag slung over his shoulder (for carrying the concertina?) and a smaller money-collecting bag hanging in front of him, and details of his clothing suggest to me that he may be in Cockney dress, with "pearly" trimmings...




I'm more used to seeing photographs of Edeophone players in black dinner suits and bow ties, closer to the attire of the gentleman in the frock coat and top hat on the pavement.


Under normal circumstances I'd go and take a look at it, seeing that I'm presently at a location on the N71 road that also runs through Bandon, but (of course) we're presently under lockdown and it's much too far to contemplate driving. ?

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