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Jones G/D 26 key Anglo FS

Tim Hall

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Still Available: Price Reduced.


Here’s a lovely little G/D Jones Anglo which came from Chris Algar at Barleycorn near the start of the pandemic. Every few years I get the idea that I’m going to learn Anglo; but then I realize after a few weeks of work that my brain doesn’t do the Anglo thing, and I need to stick to my duet. So, presented here for sale is my most recent folly. Someone will make much better use of it than I can.  It has steel reeds, bone buttons, lovely dark green bellows and, again, just recently came from Barleycorn with pads, valves and tuning done. Please contact me with any questions or for more or better pics. $950USD shipped to the continental USA (less than what I paid for it). 





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It came with a simple fitted (but not very thickly padded) case from Chris; I had intended to ship it with that for the asking price.  If you want something more protective, let's talk.  I have a couple of other cases I could swap out from other instruments.

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