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WTB: used beginner English concertina (USA). Open to Jack/Jackie, Mayfair, or a modest-priced Vintage or nicer mid-grade Hybrid


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Hello, and let me just say for anyone who recognizes my name that I apologize for my long absence. Very very long story short, life went pear-shaped but is getting back on track. I did not mean to slight anyone by my absence, and really appreciate this community.


So, I have a friend who for a couple years was borrowing my absolute monstrosity of an Italian 30b English. The action and bellows were just good enough it was worth having as a cheap loaner for folks to try out, but it's a red celluloid jobbie far larger than a Stagi or Jack, just a whale of a box. And the rotted straps I replaced with pieces of a slim women's belt I got at a thrift shop for $3.


He played with it idly, but is considering getting more serious and finding a tutor over Skype (recommendations?) and getting into the hobby. If he's going to be at all serious, he needs a better box. He's somewhat flexible on budget for the right box, so our baseline is a Jack or Jackie, open to a Mayfair (Wheatstone's budget Hybrid, usually pretty affordable), or any basic Vintage like a simple-grade Lachenal, or if someone has a modern Hybrid that isn't fancy or has some wear. He hasn't named a number, but just for the moment if someone has something cool they aren't using, I'd say up to $800 would be a possibility if it's a nice box he won't quickly grow out of. US would be preferable, but overseas sellers should be fine and we can put a pin in it until postal service is reliable as global conditions stabilize.


Apologies again for my absence, thanks for any leads on a starter English, or recommendations for Skype tutors (he's in US Eastern time zone).

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There is an instrument here that might meet your criteria.


and couple here.


and here


and here



All in the US.



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I have a Jackie that I’d love to go to a new home- I played it for about 6 months before moving to a Morse, but have since switched to Anglo. If your friend is interested, let’s talk- I’d be willing to sell it for a pretty low price!

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2 hours ago, Oberon said:

I have a mayfair in great condition, but requires just new thumb straps. It could do with a light set up but it works pretty well as it is. Comes with original case

Do you have any photos, sound/video, and do you have an approximate selling price? 

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