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Thoughts 4 days into learning

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I’ve had my concertina for 4 days, and I’ve began learning from “Easy Anglo 1-2-3” by Gary Coover.


 It’s certainly challenging, but so far quite rewarding. I also worked out scales in G and D and I’m working on getting them under my fingers. I can tell it’s going to take a while to get to the point where I can play melody and harmony and sound nice (instead of clumsily honking through a tune on a single row), but I look forward to the journey there.


Its my mums birthday today and I had wanted to play her ‘Happy Birthday’ with a nice harmony, I transcribed a version Which I found on this site, which I will link below. While I can’t play it right now, I look forward to the day I can.


I also wouldn’t mind learning a nice version of ‘Abide With Me’, the hymn, I’ve found some sheet music, but it will need transposing, and I can’t sight read just yet.

So, I will work towards that as well as the tunes in 1-2-3.


overall, I do not regret taking the plunge, very happy!


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keep it up, the key is just to keep practising, then maybe find somewhere you can play with others like a session or just with some friends. learning and getting better at music is something that can continue to be rewarding probably for your entire life ...!

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