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Internet Streaming Concert

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Hi there, like many others these days , I worked on finding ways to stream my music to the internet (like Jody Kruskal did,  jamming with others, interesting writing Jody, thank you for sharing). As a  result I will do  a 1 hour concert on Saturday, at 8.30 to 9.30 pm. I play rock, pop and blues classics on a Maccann concertina, electrified. I attach a link if you are interested.


Working on it, I could see that technique made progress. It´s possible for anyone with an Ipad or a smartphone to send music to the world in a decent qualitiy. Of course it depends ... the more you want the more complicated it gets. I work with a 2 camera setup now and with a lot of fancy stuff going on. That took me about 2 weeks to get into, and I have dealt with computers before.

Why I write this? Because I would love to see some of you playing. Being in Germany there is hardly any possibility to see a Concertina player do his or her thing. When I started playing, I craved to hear other people playing. In fact, after 3 years, I went to Ireland, mainly for that purpose.


What I discovered: a website - www.twitch.tv .  They are the leading site for gamers. People that are intereste in games can watch their heroes, live,  while they play. Sometimes there are millions of people watching! The difference to TV or a video is that you can interact LIVE with the streamer, by writing chat messages in realtime. That sounds strange but it has a quality, once you get accustomed to it.


I guess 98 percent is games, but there are other people doing other stuff, musicians for example. If you want to check it out, you have to look for the category " music and performing arts"


Some musicians do that for a living. But you could just as well go there and play for an hour to the concertina world. While you do that, listeners (whatchers) could ask questions or just say hello.


I have to go for now, but maybe think about the possibilities...

If you have questions, I´d be glad to assist.


And here is the link to the invitation for my concert. It´s in German, sorry.



If the idea appeals to you, -  register on the website (don´t forget to give youself a cool name), only then are you able to interact with the streamers. Try it.

And if you come to the concert, pleeeeaaase say hello.


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Probably you were the only one. I play in public for maybe 5 years now and in some regions of Germany I have a little following. But hardly anyone even knows that my instrument is called Concertina. People are always very curious about the instrument. In all the years playing, at my gigs, I have only once met a Concertina player. Ok, I played briefly at the German Concertina Meeting, that doesn’t count. 
Concertinas in Germany are very rare and I don’t play traditional music, so the circles seem to be separated. 

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Thank you, Stefan, for subscribing to my YouTube channel. That was a surprise.


I’m sorry, I haven’t uploaded anything to it for quite some time. It was most active when the “Tune of the Month” program was a thing here on concertina.net.


Lately, I’ve been participating as a cellist in videos for the Covid Cello Project (I’m in #s 12 and 13 and just uploaded my contribution to 14 yesterday).

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