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Dating a Lachenal #14450 Anyone help


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It is hard to date a Lachenal concertina without any description--only the serial number and not even knowing if it is English or Anglo.

I will assume that your No 14450 is an English concertina that I have seen--48 key, wood fretwork, stamped bone buttons, 4-fold bellows, sold by H. Solomon, London, and made in about 1868.


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Still hoping that Dowright can help with his expertise. Third try lucky? I recently bought a large metal ended Lachenal

Edeophone Maccann duet system, with 9-fold bellows, 61 keys, but really 59 notes, as there is a duck quack and a whistle, so essential back

in the day for variety entertainers. 

The serial number is  6880. While it is being restored, I am wondering what date it might have

been made? 


best wishes, Robert

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Please look again. The serial number of 6880 seems to be incorrect, either because the lead digit is "4" or less or the number is only 688. I have one Maccann listing of 48718, but I believe the last 8 is a mis-stamp and should not be there at all. Otherwise, the highest Maccann number is 4924, and the highest for Cranes is 4960.

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Many thanks for answering. Curious indeed: the number stamped on the metal scrollwork shows as 6880, and it appears again as 6880

inside the instrument. I wonder if this could be 688, in fact? I could not see a 4 anywhere.

I just sent it off to Greg Jowaisas for some repair and restoration, so I cannot take any close up pics. In the attached picture

you can just see the Number at the top of the scrollwork. Maybe some refined tech could sharpen it up...but I do not have the means to do this.

But thank you again for the information and advice...very helpful...and mystifying.  Robert



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