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Post Covid plans, sessions etc. Mussleburgh Scotland

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 (:) looking forward to the eventual lifting of all the restrictions, at some future date,  ;D OH and self are planning to head to Mussleburgh where he went to primary school and where his Dad was born, for a bit of a break. OH's Grandad lived on Fisher Row ( born Dunfirmline). I know we live in an East coast seaside town and planning a holiday in another East coast seaside town might sound a bit odd but if this present crisis has done anything it has made us list all the jolly things we'd planned to do and not got around to yet ;D :|||: :|glug
 No idea when this will be but half the fun is in the planning and anticipation so if anyone has any advice on where to go, any possible sessions or if you live in Mussleburgh and would like to meet for a coffe, what to see in and around Mussleburgh we'd love to hear it ;D we'll be going by pubic transport (train/ bus when they're back to normal) ;D

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