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Baritone treble lachenal english

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18 minutes ago, Dowright said:

There is also a 31-key Baritone/Bass.


I'm guessing that what you're calling "Baritone/Bass" are what Wheatstone called "bass-baritone".  I.e., as with "tenor-treble", the first part of the name indicates the low end of the range, while the second part indicates what pitch sounds for fingering (end-to-end, etc.) equivalent to a treble.  In fact, a Wheatstone bass-baritone is exactly like a tenor-treble, but sounding entirely an octave lower, just as a baritone sounds an octave lower than a treble.


Am I right, or is there some other difference?

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Thanks dowright for all that info.

Could some of the new models, with higher button numbers be baritone trebles, or are all of those numbers just transposing baritones?

It looks to me that with your extensive data base , lachenal probably didn't make any BTs?

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On 4/1/2020 at 8:25 PM, JimLucas said:


My friend Jane in Stockholm has a superb -- and unusual -- ebony-ended New Model baritone, though not a bari-treble.  It's larger than normal and lightly stretched, with a very rich sound.


You should be able to see it and test it if you come to next year's Scandinavian Squeeze-In.  8^)  It would have been at this year's (as also last year) if we hadn't had to cancel the event.





I have one too (speaking of genuine New Model baritones, they're not that rare I think)  - and I can confirm it's a very rich sound...

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