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Concertina emjoi

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Not exactly, there is going to be an accordion emoji in the latest version of the standard released later this year, and it will have 'concertina' and 'squeeze box' as additional keywords (that means if you type 'concertina' into a text message, your phone may suggest replacing the word with an accordion emoji).



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8 hours ago, David Barnert said:

Here’s a real* emoticon that Bob Beimers uses to sign his messages:


I made a less elaborated version years ago, which I use as my Whatsapp signature:


{::} }}}} }

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Then, of course, there’s my old sig, from the days when email was always displayed as a monospace font:


    ______      /\/\/\/\
   <______>     | | | | |  David Barnert
   <______>     | | | | |  <davbarnert@aol.com>
   <______>     | | | | |  Albany, NY, USA
   <______>     \/\/\/\/

  Ventilator   Concertina
    Bellows      Bellows
  (Vocation)   (Avocation)


Ignore the colors. I didn’t put them there. I don’t know why this interface adds colors to “code” fields.

And for anyone who’s wondering, my vocation is I’m an anesthesiologist.

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