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[You don't say what sort of concertina, but you could do far worse than start here.

Thanks for that, Samantha. I was just about to announce that I had added the keyboard charts to the FAQ, with the help of forum members.




PS, anyone wondering about the unaccustomed silence of the Sage of Elsinore, Jim's here with us in Bradford on Avon for a bouple of days over Easter.

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Hi Dave,

Nice an sunny, warming up to just above zero but we still have snow on the ground. In the past few years the weather has warmed up at the beginning of April so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Looking forward to the Comhaltas in Ottawa next weekend. Last year it was great to arrive in warm and sunny New Jersey from the Great White North. I just hope that Ottawa can come up with some warmth.


Planning any more trips over in the near future?

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Hi lildogturpy:

When in Ottawa don't forget to check out the "Grotesque" playing the concertina on the corner of the Peace Tower at the capitol.

Also, FYI, if interested, there is a session that happens on certain nights at a bar which is very welcoming to newcomers. You might check at the the Ottawa Folklore Center ( I think that's what it is called) and they can get you some information about it. I think several of the folks that work at the center play at this session which is right down the block from their place.

Have fun and say hi to the Prime Minister.

Perry Werner

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Hi Perry,

Thanks for reminding me about the grotesque, I'd forgotten the discussion about it. Turns out I was in the Montreal St Patricks Day parade with our Prime Minister. Didn't realize he was going to be in the parade beforehand though.


Since the title of this thread is "?" I may as well ask this here. I've noticed that in the cold, such as the St Patrick's Day parade, some notes get stuck presumably because of the different expansion coefficients of brass and steel. The funny thing though is that it's always the "push" notes on my english that get stuck while the pull notes still play fine. Is this coincidence? I tried reversing the push and pull reeds for a note that got stuck last time and this time is was still the push that got stuck. :blink:

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Its only a matter of time before I am over again, but I don't know when. If I do make it, I'll try to arrange things so its a week end again, and I'll let you know.


We can have a beer or two




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