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To Hayden Inventor and players: Thanks!

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After a couple of months, I am now absolutely  committed to my (old Bastari 46 button) Hayden, and am very pleased with my progress and, with luck, my prospects.  I am getting to the point where the goal of “transparently” playing what I hear in my head (or, as I call it, “singing with my fingers”) is a visible goal.  For that, I wish to extend a mighty “Thank You!”  to the folks here who play Hayden and share their vast experiences so generously, and particularly to “Inventor” for his discovery.  As an “ears-only” learner who never got anywhere in formal music theory, I even have a sense that some of that will even become accessible as the Hayden makes it simpler for me to learn intervals, major and minor chords, and especially to be able to play in more keys with the same fingering.  It is, in my humble opinion, exactly the kind of logical genius that opens musical vistas for folks like me.  I know Anglo makes the “bounce” easier, and English  counts chromaticity, harmony and perhaps the fastest possible user interface among its claims to fame.  But, the rush that follows a fast-repeated tune run, or arpeggiation, or even a left-hand drone (since I am not very good yet with the chords) or simple accompaniment is worth the time, and then some.  I can literally learn a tune for a session in D, and instantly also play it in G, or A, or C, or others I don’t even know yet.  My wife (not a huge fan of Irish music) even has her hopes up for some Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, and Gershwin.  Now, all of a sudden, the notes seem to be there, waiting to be found, rather than hidden. Greensleeves in different keys, for heaven’s sake!


Inventor, I am particularly appreciative of the earlier articles and diagrams you have provided;  I look at them every day as I play, and learn a bit every day.


I plan to post a first attempt, but that may still be a ways away.  Until then, I will play every day (more time has somehow made itself available with virus precaution) and be glad I have the instrument.  And, of course, I am  glad to have such a great site to learn and take inspiration from.


Thanks, and I hope all are safe and well.



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