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Hello all. Just got an anglo today and I like it quite a bit. The only issue is there is a buzzing on some of the notes. Now I looked this up and I understand generally how to fix it, my issue is that my particular instrument doesn't seem to let me access the reeds that I need to as half of them are inside a box. I'll link a photo. The seller offered a refund but I'd prefer not to go through that hassle if its something I can fix easily. I'm also aware that it's a mass produced concertina. I have a long history with buying instruments that I play for like 2 days, so I didn't want to go in at a huge price point. Thanks a bunch!



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Those are waxed in accordion reeds in reed blocks.  Google about removing accordion reeds for information on how to get access to the inside reeds.  Not trivial but not rocket science either. 


Are you sure that the buzzing noise is coming from the reeds and not something resonating in the action?  I am not sure but I suspect that you will need to remove two tiny screws in the back of the ends to release the action board.



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9 hours ago, The Bee's Proverbial Knees said:

I'll check the action, it could be. I assume removing then rewaxing would be expensive and time consuming?

If you are doing it yourself then it would not be expensive.  You might need to buy some tools.  Fiddly work. 


Why do you think it might be a reed that is buzzing and what do you expect to be able to do to the reed when you get access to it?


If you cannot see anything obvious that resonates inside the action then you should return it while you can.




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It might be that but it’s at least as likely that it is a valve or it could be any part of the mechanism resonating.  If you aren’t experienced with diagnosing these different sounds you might not make things better.  If you do manage to track down the source of the noise and to fix it then you may be in demand as a repairer.

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