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What Can Go Wrong?

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i was just wondering what can actually go wrong on my concertina and how do i no that it has happened..... also, how can i fix it??


thanks  :D


I'm no expert on this, but simply from experience, I can tell you not to immediately worry too much if, due to a weather extreme one way or the other (hot or cold, etc) you get a growly or squeaky reed.


Usually if you wait a while and let the instrument adjust, that will stop.


My concertina gets temperamental at times if the climate is wrong.

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Meh. :huh: Guess I won't have to feel bad when I sing off-key, if I can blame it on the concertina! :D So, maybe it's mood swings are not so bad.


...Yes...Froggy. He's been inside all winter. Back in the summer, though, I posted his picture and some of us wrote some poems about him...Jim even wrote a song to the tune of Fiddler's Green (which was a new one, to me). (Sorry, but....I live in one of those places where you must invent your own fun, for the most part, and I get tired of games, even Scrabble!)


Funny, though...when I made a recording of something I called 'Frog Pond,' I unintentionally had a reed that was croaking and it seemed to fit right in! The sound did even-out later.

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Things don't go wrong with concertinas, but things do happen to them. When something happens just post the question, save up and buy a big hammer.


You can do some preventative things:


:) always store the instrument bellows fully compressed, and not on its end.


:angry: don't let dust accumulate in the bellows folds


:angry: don't let it get damp/ wet


:angry: don't let it stand in strong/ direct sunlight, over radiators/ heat sources


:) play it regularly


:) now and then fully open the bellows to full stretch


:angry: avoid bumps, bangs, mechanical shock


<_< talk and sing to it at night



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