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Concertina mic test

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Following a query about concertina mics posted last Summer I offered to do some tests and post the results. I have finally got around to sorting out and compressing the audio that I made last December.


The tracks were simultaneously recorded playing an Edeophone into four mic arrays :- Single SM57; single Rode M2; stereo Rode M2 and stereo Rode NT5. The tune was recorded 3 times in one take, first was close miked, next at about 1.5 feet and finally about 3 feet. The gain was set the same for each array as was the output volume. I did not make any effort to stand rigidly still but neither did I move around a great deal. The recording was direct into Cubase with no PA so they are not a live stage feedback test. However, the better the volume from a mic or array in a given situation the less likelihood of feedback when live. When I have time I will do live tests with the same setup. Due to upload limits there are only two files with this post, the other two will follow.



M2.mp3 Concertina SM57.mp3

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