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David Coffin...Revels

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Just been directed a great "digital sing" on Face book......led by this gentleman. It's the "Revels Virtual Spring Sing"

            I had not heard of him but, boy,  he has a glorious voice, a wonderful english concertina song accompaniment technique and a fabulous looking baritone treble concertina.

   Anyone know what he plays ?



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Yes, wonderful accompaniment and chordal treatment.


At about 35:00 check out the "ergo" sleeves he wears and slips out of.  51:40 he slips out of what looks like fingerless "gloves" with intact glove thumb tucked into the thumb strap and wrist part of the glove continuing past the wrist straps.  So perhaps a "skin saver" more than an ergonomic adaption. (?)


Just past 51:00 you can get a pretty good look at the LH side of his concertina.  Looks to me like a Wheatstone "ring" label.  Earlier views of the RH side show what looks like an oval brass Wheatstone(?) badge.

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I believe he does play a Wheatstone--I knew a bit more precisely once, but I've forgotten the details.  Anyway, he's the song-leader, a soloist and a musician (mostly on recorder, whistle and related instruments) in all the Christmas Revels performances in Cambridge (US) over the past few decades.  He also does Boston Harbor tours and school performances in the greater Boston area and has a number of CDs out.  He has a website here, though there doesn't seem to be any concertina content on it.

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