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Nice Concertina cartoons from old Punch magazine, 19th century


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Quite by accident, I came across the attached cartoon, from  Mr Punch's History of Modern England, vol 2 ( 1857-1874)  p. 146. Punch was a now defunct UK humour magazine, a staple of the middle class  - 1841-2002 .   See also https://archive.org/details/mrpunchshistoryo02gravuoft/page/146/mode/2up.   Perhaps it has been picked up in one of the histories. 


A quick search on google also located another, as below. I am sure there are more.  BTW, Warren Fahey-some of you probably know of him as cartoons and photos, mostly from Australia, http://www.warrenfahey.com.au/enter-the-collection/the-collection-m-z/musical-instruments-in-the-australian-tradition/concertina-photography-cartoon-gallery/







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Dear Andy, I have browsed diesel weasel on behalf of my dad and after reading he gets a mention in your memoirs as the fasted head in the fleet. He has since read your story and did mention Medicine Hat was the name place you were after, he would love to hear from you but is in the dark ages when it comes to the Internet. His memory is quite historical and remembers you and your brothers.

Please contact regarding contact.

Many thanks R Richardson

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