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Professor McCann in Glasgow


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Well, a research challenge always did get me interested now that "social separation" has left me to my own devices.!!


An Isle of Man website has a list of photographers active on the island from which the entry for SPENCE LEES reads  ... 


Lees Spence(r)
1887: Loch Parade (in street directory at Sea terminal end - no number given Lees, Spencer, Photographer)
1889: Regent St Douglas, and Shaw St, Liverpool [not found in Liverpool Directories - only photographers in Shaw St were MacMahon & Co [1887-1888] and John W. Walmsley [1891] 
1894: Regent-street
In an Advert in John Heywood's 1891 guide: 
THERE are not many watering-places throughout the British Isles at which somany facilities are afforded to visitors for obtaining an exceptionally-good
photograph as at Douglas, where, during the summer season especially, the atmosphere is so wonderfully clear. All classes of people are catered for by 
the Douglas photographers, and the "tripper" can obtain his counterfeit presentment for the merest trifle. But to those who desire something more 
permanent, and, although not expensive, something far beyond the ordinary seaside photograph, a visit to the spacious and handsome studio erected by the 

well-known artistic photographer, Mr. Spence Lees, opposite the General Post Office, may be cordially recommended. Mr. Spence Lees has earned for 
himself a high reputation for the peculiar delicacy and beauty of all work executed at his establishment, whether portrait or landscape. The studio has 
been tastefully and elegantly fitted-up for the comfort and convenience of visitors, and the latest photographic appliances and improvements have been 
secured Mr. W. Rennison (architect) furnished the plans for the studio ; Mr. C. H. Williams executed the plumbing and gas-fitting work; Messrs. 
McAdam and Moore, of Douglas, were the contractors ; while the furniture was supplied by Messrs. Ratcliffe Brothers and C. Latham, of Douglas. 
Visitors to Man, who are desirous of being taken under exceptionally favourable conditions, cannot do better than place themselves under the skilful
hands of Mr. Spence Lees. Branches have been established at Port Soderick and Glen Mays. At these, as at the main establishment, moderation in price 


So, the 1880's & 90's then.




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A bit more digging reveals that SPENCE LEES was a Music Hall Owner, Character Actor, Comic and Photographer, in DOUGLAS Isle of Man.

See here at page 93  ... 

https://www.manxmusic.com/media/Learn Songs/PEEPS INTO THE PAST - MUSIC COMPLETE.pdf


Oh, there is a picture of him!!






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3 hours ago, Richardcarlin said:

And now that I look more carefully (sorry!) the name is spelled as Maccann.  So here's the exact wording on the back of the photo "Concertina player to the Queen of England.  Maccann.  Glasgow, Scotland"  Phew.

So presumably the Queen (of Scotland) was not in residence when he visied Glasgow.   ?

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