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What Do Raised Ends Do?

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They also seem to improve the asking price for the concertina in question.    ;)

From a maker's point of view, they do add to the amount of work in building an instrument, and as they are only used on top quality concertinas, the fretwork in them tends to be fuller and finer, making even more work. Plus a "raised-ended" instrument might employ better/longer reeds, "full-leather" bellows, and other cost-increasing factors.

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I was once told by one of the local self appointed concertina gurus at the time, that raised ends improved 'projection' and tone.


Never understood what 'projection' meant, unless it was to do with melodians, and perfect pitch, you know, projecting the melodian into a wheelie bin at 10 paces...



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Is it feasible to have a thinner (hence lighter) action box by having a raised end to allow some height for the action to fit in easier?

As it is, the action at the button end just barely fits in most concertinas - and yet there is generally some "extra" room over the pads - so the frame *may* be able to be thinner there. Our new design is able to have thinner frames than our current models because of the raised central area.
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