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Tune swap group on Facebook

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So: It's a strange time for musicians, with so many events canceled, gigs disappeared into thin air, sessions on hold.


So why not come together despite our physical isolation and share tunes through the medium of Facebook?  (I'm doing this on FB and not c.net because this isn't restricted to concertinas, although I'm hoping lots of concertina friends will participate)


Here's the idea: record (video or audio) a tune or a set you're working on during these quarantined times.


Any genre, any instrument, and we're not looking for perfection.  Just fun stuff that you're working on.

What do you think? Let's give it a try and see what happens.



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2 hours ago, RAc said:

I love the idea conceptually but - again - I will never ever in my life voluntarily participate in anything that has Facebook written on it. FB is wrong, evil, bad. Period.


I feel the same way. I’ve avoided FB this long. I’m not going to start now. Sorry, Jim.

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Hello, me again after a long time of not visiting. Like everyone else for the most part i am forced to deal with a shut-down world.... will watch DVDs of The Twilight Zone and all that, but some concertina playing is good, too. 


I'd started posting some audio on my website again recently. So I sent my 'join group' request at Jim's Facebook site. Good idea.

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