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I have a beautiful Jeffries Anglo for sale in excellent condition - flight case included.  It has just come out of Theo Gibb's workshop where it has had a full overhaul.  Email me if you are interested.

Jeffries 1.jpg

Jeffries 2.jpg

Jeffries 3.jpg

Jeffries 4.jpg

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I'm not a concertina historian, but my impression is that Jefferies made 30 button instruments as well as 38 and 44 button models. This looks to be one of the latter. My 44 button has identical ends to this one.


Mike... how can you sell this gem? Too many buttons for you?

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Jeffries also made 26 key, 28 key and 50 key anglos as well as the 38 and 44 (or 39 and 46 depending on how you count). There are a few of these which were definitely never duets - I know because I have a couple - so there's no reason to suspect that Mike's is anything but an anglo.  I'm sure Theo would know.


I have a suspicion (and only that - no evidence) that although they have the C Jeffries stamp, these larger instruments may have been the product of the sons


Alex West

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I'd be interested to hear Mike or Theo's thoughts on the bellows on this instrument.  Now, the ones on Mikes may be replacements - Theo would presumably know - but I have a 39k Anglo which has plain, black, un-gilded bellows, without papers, which those who have seen it suggest are of a typical Jeffries quality and potentially original.   Mine is in that 'odd' A/E tuning.

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I remember that Mark Bickford had a 26 button A/E that Noel Hill played at our 1996 NHICS class at Bucksteep. He was able to play some wonderful tunes on that old box, and I agree with Larry that this pitch combination was delightful.


Ross Schlabach

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