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looking for a 8 sided duet.


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The largest known Jeffries Duet is 70-button octagonal Wheatstone #31850 made in 1928, current whereabouts unknown.


A 68- button octagonal Wheatstone Jeffries Duet, #30740 is up for auction at Gardiner-Houlgate on March 13.


Other than that, all other Jeffries Duets are 64 buttons and smaller, so a large Maccann Duet will probably be the easiest to come by.


Happy hunting!



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9 hours ago, Mike Acott said:

I  have a 72 key Aeola fully sorted and in concert pitch, it has alloy ends and plays well. the price I am looking for is £1700 plus shipping costs.




can u send me some pics? thanks

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