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5 hours ago, Bassconcertina.net said:

Hi, on this page everybody can show there skill By playing on there piccolo and bass concertinas.


How about some examples from yourself?


I could submit some examples with my bass, but not immediately, since I have much else to do as I recover from a series of major computer problems.


And I don't have a piccolo, but how about if I played some things on a treble an octave or two higher than what most folks would consider "normal"?  (Same problem with delays.)

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1 hour ago, JimLucas said:


How about some examples from yourself


As I said I don’t have either. but I did play my treble on the video above, and the kid in the video is me, I’m just an 11 year old kid I’ve been playing concertina for 1 year. But I have been playing accordion since I was 4.?

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9 hours ago, Robin Harrison said:

 I don't think the Dipper is a real bass, should be called a baritone, but that's what Colin calls it. It's hand-full to play.


They're baritone in range, but designed to sound very bassy on the lowest reeds - I'm very familiar with the innards of the two that Cormac Begley has.


I'm also very familiar with his Lachenal piccolo, which I got playing much better for him last year.

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Here's a quick mp3 of my 35-button double-action stretched-hexagon black Lachenal bass EC.


The instrument's range starts at middle C and goes down 2-1/2 octaves.


You feel the bottom notes as much as you hear them. Awesome sound!



Bass Concertina 2.mp3

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