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Stephen Briggs

Stephen. W Brigg

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Hi Stephen.....the Forum seems very quiet, so, as probably the least qualified person to offer advice, I'll plump for 39key(button) McCann Duet.  


Sadly, of all the concertina family, this particular model seems to be one of the least loved of the 'old'/originals.  






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It's a McCann Duet by Lachenal. Lachenal got the right to use McCann's patent, as the inventor was a performer rather than a manufacturer. To decide on a price to ask, you would need to check whether it's in modern pitch and whether it works properly. The exterior looks in ok condition, and the remains of the original gold stamped straps are there, and should be retained. 

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5 hours ago, Stephen. W Brigg said:

Thank you for your reply. Do you know if the serial number 2435 helps date it?

Also I was looking for a ball park figure to see if it was worthwhile getting it repaired or selling it as seen

It's not a valuable concertina, and almost certainly not worth spending money before selling it.

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The box is not worth repairing unless you want to use it as an ornament - which is conceivable, but the box adds no the value to instrument whether it is fixed or not.


The instrument itself is what is important and you do not say if you think it is playable.  As others have said, if it is not playable then just sell it as is but do not expect to get much for it.


However, if it is playable and you know a youngster who is into pirate video games (which is just about every 12-15 year-old boy that I know) then give it to him and challenge him to learn (by ear) to play one of the pirate songs/tunes used in the video games.   Should keep him (it probably will not be a her) busy for weeks.   His parents will either thank you or never speak to you again!

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