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Dating Crabb Concertinas

Geoffrey Crabb

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According to Geoff Crabb's list 9272 is in the possible range for 1936, although not previously recorded.  However Geoff's "red list" is speculative and assumes the first number known for a year is the first in the range.  It could be that 9282 was not actually the first instrument to have been constructed in 1937, and the range Geoff has put for 1936 could in fact be extended into the following year.  Or is it possible that it was started and and given the ledger number 9272 in 1936 but not completed until 1937, when the year was added? 


Either way, it suggests it was probably finished in 1937.


Geoff Crabb is a member on here and takes a close interest in all mentions of Crabb.  Or you could PM him with the details of your instrument.

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To expand on what Stephen has said:-

  In 1937, my father had the idea of prefixing the ID Number with the last two digits of the year in which an instrument was made, e.g.  379272, the resultant 6 digits could still comfortably be accommodated in the space provided within the L/H stamp (metal ended models) or the attached label, (wood ended models).

This would have been fine until he realised (late 1939) that when ID number 10,000 was eventually reached, this would increase the required digits to 7 which could not be accommodated without new suitable stamps or labels being made/procured and so, the inclusion of the year number was dropped.


I have updated the Dating Doc. to hopefully include 37/9272.





Crabb Dating Doc 07.07.2023 (11).docx

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