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galician tunes

felix castro

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Hello again, I din't write any post for a while. 


Here I atach the link of a video recording of myself playing the concertina, with my brother Cástor playing the flute, and Álvaro Iglesias the double bass, and Xosé Liz the bouzuki. 


It is a piruxalda, a 2/4 tune similar to the asturian xiringuelu, saltón, and the vasconian purruxalda. and a 6/8 muiñeira. The muiñeiras are very common in galician and asturian music. 


It is a new group that we formed one year and a half ago, called Tor. 


We recorded another video of a mazurka composed by me and my brother, but it is played in melodeon. I suppose that it isn't the place for submitting it. If somebody wants the link, I can send it by private message. a 




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Fantastic recording Felix!

I have enjoyed very much the sonority you lead to the muñeira , congratulations!!!


(...I knew Xosé Liz some (so much...) years ago in an Alasdair Fraser's fiddle camp...¡what a nice person and tremendous musician!!)



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Hello again, thankyou very much for all your comments. My brother and I have an album almost finished since more than twelve years ago, that was stopped as we had so many things to do, families, etc. 

Last year we began playing more again, and these months we are finishing it and probably it would be launched in some months, we shall put it in a spanish crowfunding web page soon. 

And yes, José and Álvaro are both nice persons and wonderful musicians, we enjoy a lot playing with them. 





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You guys are great! What a tight little band with such energy & focus that I could not tear my eyes or ears away. I especiaslly liked the balance between flute & concertina during the harmony playing.

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