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Jim Besser

For sale: Microvox concertina mic system

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I'll be honest; I don't much like these.  But they're convenient, they don't cost alot and there aren't many solutions to amplifying a concertina that don't cost much more.


So if you're looking for a Microvox, you can have this one for $60 plus shipping.  It's in good condition, except that - like all 3 Microvoxes I've owned - the Phillips head screw heads accessing  the battery compartment are starting to strip. For the life of me, I can't figure out why they don't use better quality screws.   The solution is just to not try to tighten them too much.  You can check them out at the BUtton Box site: https://buttonbox.com/accessories.html#microphones


COmplete with the luxurious (just a joke) zipper case.  Includes the belt-pack power supply / volume control and the mics themselves, which fasten to the concertina with velcro.


US sale only, sorry.

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12 hours ago, Doug Barr said:

screws on mine also stripped!


It's so strange; I don't know where they find screws with such soft slots.


It's just another reason I always have duct tape in my sound box!

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