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Can You Have A D/g Changed To A C/g?

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I cannot say if this is possible with a Stagi, all I will say is that with a concertina of traditional manufacture it would definitely be impossible. G/D reeds are larger than their C/G counterparts because the notes are lower. The same may be true for Stagi accordion reads, but I cannot say from my own knowledge


Personally I would keep it and get a second concertina. G/D is my system of preference for tunes as opposed to song accompaniment. If you change it or dispose of it you may come to regret that choice too with time.



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My double-reed Stagi has reed blocks like a button accordion, but shorter. I expect these are uncommon and I don't know where you'd find a C/G set, unless you just find another instrument, which is what you ought to do anyway. They go pretty cheap.

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