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Festival recommendations in England and Ireland?

Bill N

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I have just started to plan a trip from Canada to England around a folk club gig and festival that I will be playing from September 16th-20th in the Stroud area.  So far it's very open ended, and I'm looking for events of interest to someone who plays traditional music on concertina.  I would entertain the idea of a short hop to Ireland.  I'm looking for recommendations!



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Regarding Ireland.

I don't know about September, but in November there is Ennis trad festival: http://www.ennistradfest.com/

In early October there's Cork folk festival. https://www.corkfolkfestival.com/ Not sure how much concertina there is. Last year they had a lovely concertina concert, and there are sessions here and there as well as tune workshops. 

Early March has the Corofin festival in Clare, at the same time as there's Noel Hill concertina workshop week nearby. I'm attending the Noel Hill class and will also go to three concerts at the Corofin festival, at least two of them featuring concertinas.. I think. http://corofintradfest.com/

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