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The Irish Concertina Company


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I was impressed with the name and ordered one - the Vintage  with concertina reeds ( I guess they come from Suttner) I had to wait only 8-10 weeks - I was really satisfied with the price and the instrument - a mellow tone and good playability - untill then I have played "only" Lachenal  and the Vintage was at once  my favourite- 

I was (am) so satisfied that a little time läter I bought also the hybrid  - also great tone and  playability - that was one year ago - now I have also some Jeffries and Wheatstone but still I like to play the Vintage

they are modern, reliable instruments comparable with those from Tedrow , Norman ,Concertina Connection and other midrange concertina suppliers. 


I f you need more informations please contact me.








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I have their Vintage model and it's a lovely instrument. Mellow but loud enough sound, smooth playing, good looking.. very nice. 


Edited 10th of March: After the Noel Hill workshop I've realised that the bellows are rather floppy on this concertina. I'm going to check with the company if they would replace it to something more sturdy eventually. Still, this is a nice instrument if you want a decent concertina and want to pay less than €4-5000.

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