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28 key Lachenal Anglo C/G

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Up for sale is an old Lachenal concertina with mahogany ends.

It has brass reeds that sound very warm and sweet, with a few steel reeds on the left hand end, but they blend nicely together in pitch, all are in working condition. All new pads and grommets, apart from the air button pad which works just fine.

It is very much in playable condition, though in need of a little tuning.


I'd bought this instrument very recently off ebay but I would like to switch to English instead.

There had been work done to this instrument before it came into my possession, and it will need a bit more restoration going forward. There were some cracks in the left hand action board that were repaired, but not very well and could stand to have some fresh work done.

The previous owner made and installed neoprene gaskets to take up slack at the meeting of the action board and reedpan. They work well, and once the chamois is replaced on both reedpans, it may mate nicely again. Height adjustment to the corner supports may be in order here as well. There are some old patches that seem to be holding but could probably be replaced.

No case included.


$620 +shipping, which is less than I bought it for last month.
Please feel free to ask any questions! Im happy to record a sample as well if youd like, photos coming soon.





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